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This page was either created or contains content from another article at Mobius Encyclopaedia. Sally made it clear that she was asking a lot of her teammates for this mission. Estimado Lector, lo invito a que siga las aventuras del nuevo equipo de Combatientes por la Libertad, conformado por: Just In All Stories:

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Despite Sally's bravery, Phage merely set out to devour the pair of friends. Rise and Fall by speckledears Fandoms: Concept sketches, from Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 2:

Sally Acorn

Things turn for the worse when Princess Amy's kidnapped by a mysterious hedgehog who's high on the king's death list.

Rebirth of Infinity by GameKing73 Fandoms: To their relief, Sonic returned to his normal form upon daybreak, but fearing a savage relapse voted to remain with Moss until he could get a handle on his new form.

Ellidy's House , where they reported their findings.

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